Wool & Skin – what’s the connection?

Firstly, I think it it’s vital to know the source and techniques used to obtain our wool, before delving into all the beautifying benefits. 

Our organic wool proteins are ethically sourced from farmers who make humane animal care a top priority. 🐑 

We are working with Wools of New Zealand integrity program towards adopting their Responsible Wool Standard. 

Our certification enables us to trace wool back to our suppliers and ensure the sheep are treated with the highest ethical practices. 



✔️Environment management

✔️Animal health and welfare. 

✔️Social responsibility 


Sheep are free to roam the pristine New Zealand mountain ranges, allowed the opportunity to display natural patterns of behaviour, provided proper and sufficient food and water, treated for injury and protected from disease, whilst ensuring minimal distress during physical handling. 

Our wool fibre is harvested in a process called shearing. The sheep are usually shorn (given a haircut) once a year, between August and November to ensure they still have their woolly coats for the cold winter months. Shearers, are highly skilled and pride themselves on careful handling of the sheep (even being awarded for best practices in New Zealand). The sheep are still left with a good covering of wool on them, to keep them warm – just like a number four haircut! 

Machine shears are the most popular because they are fast and efficient ensuring minimal stress on the animal. 

Shearing is not just about harvesting the wool, it is also about keeping the animals comfortable, relieving them from having to endure the hot summer months with a thick heavy fleece and preventing the infestation of fleas and other parasites which can seriously harm the sheep if not treated properly. 

These sheep are also NOT bred for slaughter, so they are kept more as pets by the farmers, Our philosophy supports the mutually symbiotic relationship between the sheep and human, meaning both the sheep and us benefit from one another, in a way that enhances the health and vitality of both beings, without exploitation or cruelty. The sheep’s life is enhanced when it is cared for, given food/shelter and groomed, whilst we enhance the health of our skin from its uniquely nourishing and highly protective wool proteins. 

The main reason we use this form of the protein is that the alpha-keratin present in the wool has been found to be almost identical to the protein molecule from the soft keratin of epidermis. This makes the molecule highly compatible with the skin and accepted via both the dermal and epidermal layer. There is no plant source that can replicate this structure in human skin, only similar replications that are synthesised by man. 

More details on a published study can be found here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC323038/


Consisting of a unique biomaterial called “Intermediate Filament Protein”, produced from a unique source of natural New Zealand keratin fiber. This form of keratin is unlike the “denatured” keratin fragments which are available today as a by-product of the meat processing industry. In today’s cosmetic world, the keratin which is offered in the market for personal care applications is no longer bioactive or particularly functional. Instead it has been “denatured” through a large scale industrial rendering process, which applies both high temperature and acid to by-products such as hooves, horns and feathers. 

The process renders these fragments inactive to the human body. By comparison, the Keraplast approach involves a patented process, using a gentle method of keratin solubilization. This creates proteins with a biological activity used in wound care medical products to repair long term skin injury and chronic wounds. The same biological activity is now available as Cynergy TK™ for boosting skin health.

About Functional Keratins®

One of nature’s most important building blocks, keratin is fundamental in the development of healthy tissues, skin, hair and nails. Keraplast Functional Keratins® are full length protein and polypeptides, closer in form to human keratin than any other material ever produced. Unique attributes of Functional Keratin® proteins and peptides:

• The molecular structure and cystine groups are preserved

• Bioactivity is retained

• Readily absorbed across biological membranes (Epidermis + Dermis)

• Possesses film forming properties

An ingredient that is able to provide strong efficacy to your skin care products in the area of wrinkle reduction, skin smoothness, moisturisation, redness reduction and enhanced anti-oxidant protection. Is a bioactive ingredient that stimulates mTOR pathway within cells and increases synthesis of structural proteins like collagen in the extracellular matrix.



Promotes the proliferation of healthy skin cells, replacing damaged cells and regenerating collagen protein.


Reduces redness associated with inflammation or sensitive skin by reducing PGE2 production, the major biochemical pathway leading to inflammation and redness in the skin.


Stimulated skin cells support the natural protein structure improving skin smoothness and helping to bind moisture. This leads to a noticeable improvement in youthful skin properties.


Contains highly potent antioxidants that promote the body’s own natural antioxidant activity and protect against pollution and UV induced free radical damage.

A Natural Antioxidant

Adds a natural anti-oxidant component to your skin-care range by blocking the harmful compounds and toxins that cause skin damage and premature ageing. Supports and promotes the body’s own anti-oxidant enzyme production to fight free radicals as well as blocking PGE2 production to reduce inflammation and redness of the skin.


• 70% reduction in PGE2 production (inflammation reduction)

• 160% increase in cell proliferation (collagen)


• 27% improvement in skin smoothness

• 25% wrinkle reduction


• 43% wrinkle reduction

• 49% improvement in skin smoothness


• Improves skin smoothness by 27%

• Promotes firmness and elasticity in skin

• Reduces long term skin damage and inflammation associated with chronic injury

• Protects against pollution and UV damage


In-Vitro testing has demonstrated clearly that Keraplast’s Functional Keratin ® stimulates skin cells to proliferate at a rate of up to 160% greater than that of a placebo. This is an essential first step in the body’s production of structural proteins.

Having a significant effect on Skin Smoothness with a significant reduction in wrinkle depth from days 45 – 90.

Inhibiting inflammatory mediators

IL-1 stimulation of Prostaglandin E2 is characteristic of inflammation and is blocked by well known antiinflammatories like indomethacin and COX-2 inhibitors. Results obtained by an Independent Lab illustrate up to 70% reduction of the PGE2 response in human cells.

Promotes the body’s own natural antioxidant activity

Containing highly potent anti-oxidant potential due to the high content of cysteine in the keratin solution. Keratin possesses the highest cysteine content of any protein.

Why it works

• Functional Keratin® has high cystine content

• Forms disulphide bonds with human keratin

• Maintains structure of hair, nails and skin

• Repairs damage

• Functional Keratin® has specific amino acid sequences binding to skin strongly

• Similar to a zip structure

• Electrostatic bonding

• Hydrophilic and hydrophobic bonding

• Superior to poorly functioning hydrolyzed keratin in the market

• Molecular Weight 1,000 Da (Peptide) to 60,000 Da (Film Former)

• Biological activity well established

• Anti-aging activity established

• Wrinkle reduction established

• Protects and controls the amino acid cystine

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